Music: Tone, Color, & Meditation

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Relax with the sound of "OM", Indigenous Flutes, Drums, Toning Forks & Nature Sound Music: rain, ocean, birds, wind, chimes. Soothing the body and internal organs with music allows relief of deep states of depression. Listening to the balancing and harmonizing of sounds can relieve deep-seated trauma which is often times the source of physical discomfort.  The body responds very sensitively to the feathering and the slight waves of sound. The subtle vibrations of animal medicine can invoke images and encourage releasing of memories and emotions that are locked inside the body.

"The Language of the Birds represents a higher frequency of sound that carries musical tones and harmonies that carry us into higher states of mental and spiritual consciousness."T.M. Excerpt: The Meaning of Ta Ha and the Frequency of Fourth Dimensional Time. 


Music that enables one to explore multiple themes, textures, and rhythms allows the mind to wander having a therapeutic affect.  When we listen to music, the vibrations and waves of the sound from instruments resonate first within the ears, and then gradually moves throughout the whole body.  Musictherapy can support the mind and body to regain equilibrium, balance, and emotional stability. "Music is the architectural structure or frequency of Fourth Dimensional Time & thought repeating itself into infinity throughout the universal order of things."--T.M .   

Earth Spirit Video By R.Carlos Nakai

  • 9  (ir  )   #C   high 
  • Gold/Bronze: Integrity/Wisdom Restore sense of wellbeing
  • 8  (hqz)  #C   middle Om
  • White/Pink: Abundance/Power. Relieve mental anxieties
  • 7  (gpy)  #B   eee
  • Purple: Trust/Openness. Eliminate toxins, lactic acid
  • 6  (fox)   #A   ih  
  • Indigo: Vision/Acceptance. Improve breathing & chakras
  • 5  (enw) #G   eh  
  • Blue: Freedom/Discipline. Strengthens,restlessness
  • 4  (dmv) #F   ah  
  • Green: Stability/Process. Break up energy patterns
  • 3  (clu)   #E   aw 
  • Yellow: Expression/Sensitivity. Eases tension, nerves, pain
  • 2  (bkt)  #D   oh 
  • Orange: Cooperation/Balance. Strengthen, harmonize organs
  • 1  (ajs)  #C   ooh
  • Red: Creativity/Confidence.Improve energy flow,circulation

Mathematical and scientific approach with the youth of letters and numbers, with the proper use and application of this language, we are being brought stage by stage into higher levels or dimensions of understanding we are giving birth to a new cultural expression and a new way of life. Counting the letters of our DNA, the amazing result is, (D=4; N=14; A=1) =19. T.M. Excerpt: "The Discovery of our DNA Genetic Code Links to Music (Sound) and Color Vibrations (Light)"


  • Harp, Brow
  • Wind Chime, Throat
  • Lute: Wood
  • Piano: Mental/Emotional/Physical
  • Pipe Organ: Heart, Fire
  • Cymbal: Lungs,Metal
  • Flute: Solar Plexus
  • Strings:Kidney,Water,Vision
  • Wooden Bell: Liver
  • Basetone: Spleen, Creativity
  • Drum: Stomach, Earth Emotional/Physical

Meditate with the sound of the piano and nature to raise one's vibratory field. Soothe the body and internal organs with music allowing the relief of stress, anxiety, anger and/or emotions that are locked. Emotions that are locked are often times the source of physical illness. 


Meditation with a calming voice over music can invoke images and encourage releasing of memories and emotions that are locked inside the body. Relaxing, then enabling one to explore multiple themes, textures, and rhythms that allows the creative mind to wander to it's own place of inner peace.


While participating in visualization meditation, often times animal guides may appear.  Look up the meaning of the animal that appears in your visions to receive important insight into something that may be going on in your life.

Spirit Guide Links:

  • [_] Land Animal
  • [_] Bird Animal
  • [_] Water Animal
  • [_] Reptile Animal
  • [_] Bug & Critter
  • [_] Mythical Animal
  • [_] Extinct Animal


Music therapy can offer cancer patients beneficial effects:

  • [_] improved mood
  • [_] reduced pain
  • [_] reduced anxiety
  • [_] lowers feelings of stress
  • [_] reduces feelings of depression
  • [_] lowers blood pressure
  • [_] increases comfort
  • [_] promotes relaxation

Studies have also shown

When listening to music, the brain’s reward center is activated. In turn, this triggers the release of dopamine. Interestingly, researchers have also found that the type of music can have an effect. When listeners found music to be pleasant, they reported less pain in comparison to those who listened to ‘unpleasant’ music.

... By skillfully using music, individuals can promote, restore and maintain all aspects of their health. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, emotional and even spiritual. By using the emotional and structural qualities of music, patients can benefit from enhanced communication, personal development, learning, self-awareness and interaction.

The Didgeridoo is a musical instrument with resonant properties. The Australian aborigine didgeridoo or "didgeridu" along with the drum is said to be one of the world's oldest musical instruments, at least 1,500 years old. The size of the Didgeridoo also known as a "Drone Pipe" varies from 3 to 10 feet. The length is directly related to the pitch or key of the instrument. This instrument bonds with the player and teaches the player how to use it therapeutically. It has a very soulful sound that vibrates as it seems to open emotions and blocked chakras in a person's energy field.

Image: Bro. Astarius Choosing Asad To Play The Didgeridoo. Astarius has been dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than thirty years. He is a Musician, Healer, Poet and Astrologer.

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